European Defence Sharing Conference and the Second Danube Summit on Geopolitics, Security and Defence

On 30 November 2022, David Hobbs appeared on a panel at the European Defence Sharing Conference in Budapest.

This conference was arranged by the Danube Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Pepperdine School of Public Diplomacy, and the International Republican Institute.

David Hobbs appeared on a panel addressing the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.

The conference was off the record.


The European Defence Sharing Conference was followed on 1 and 2 December by the Danube Institute’s Second Danube Summit on Geopolitics, Security and Defence. Subtitled “The New World Order/Disorder”, this conference looked at key geopolitical themes, including – but by no means limited to – the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

David Hobbs was invited to comment on NATO’s adaptation to new strategic realities in a panel entitled “After Ukraine, where does the West stand?”


Speakers on the Panel from left to right: S. John Tsagronis, Institute of World Politics, Professor of Statecraft and National Security Affairs; John Venable, Heritage Foundation, Washington, D. C.; H.E. Dr. Réka Szemerkényi, Senior Advisor Transatlantic Strategy, International Republican Institute; David Hobbs, Atlantic Treaty Association of the United Kingdom