ATA UK is founded on the dual convictions that NATO is the cornerstone of the United Kingdom’s security, and that the United Kingdom is an indispensable NATO member, offering a unique set of capabilities and experience.

ATA UK is dedicated to promoting understanding of NATO and contributing to discussions about NATO’s changing roles and missions as it adapts to current and future challenges.

ATA UK believes that citizens of the United Kingdom should know why NATO membership is vital for the UK, and should also understand the benefits and obligations that NATO membership brings.ATA UK aims to:

  • Improve understanding of NATO within the UK
  • Encourage the continuing adaptation of NATO – and its members’ defence and security structures – to current and future security challenges and to promote NATO as the primary forum for political consultation on issues of importance to the Atlantic community of nations
  • Contribute to expert and public understanding of the international strategic landscape, and how the changing security and defence environment is radically altering the character of modern conflict