Limiting Putin’s Escalation Options

After Ukraine’s advances in the Kharkiv region in mid-September, what once seemed a remote prospect – the operational defeat of Russia’s forces in Ukraine – is looking increasingly plausible. But President Putin will seek to avoid that through escalation. But he is not holding all the cards; Ukraine and its supporters can take steps to …

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The Future of Atlantic Security

On Friday 17 June, as NATO’s Madrid Summit approached, the Francisco University of Vitoria Madrid’s “Global Common Good Center” held an international seminar entitled “NATO after the War in Ukraine: the Future of Euro-Atlantic Security”. The seminar’s public session was shown live from Spain’s Congress of Deputies and can be viewed here. The seminar was supported …

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Defence in an Era of Strategic Cooperation

On 27 September 2021, ATA UK co-hosted an “ATA Talks” events where General Sir Nick Carter, then Chief of the UK Defence Staff, examined the key features of today’s international security environment and how to address the challenges it presents. He also answered questions on: the UK’s security relationships with the United States and the …

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Afghanistan after the Withdrawal

As international forces leave Afghanistan, what does the future hold for this troubled state that has endured decades of internal conflict?

This paper provides the perspectives of two analysts in neighbouring Pakistan who explore the imminent challenges to Afghanistan’s peace and stability. Written before face-to-face talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, its insights into the fragile security situation remain wholly relevant.

In the authors’ view, the end of conflict in Afghanistan can end either of two ways: convening a People’s Grand Assembly to formulate a plan for a transitional, all-inclusive government, or a Taliban march on Kabul resulting in still further bloodshed and the establishment of a Taliban emirate.